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I dedicate this space to be able to exchange knowledge between people who already have experience in project management and people who are starting on the subject.

I have read on other websites and blogs how the word «project» is spoken of but it does not delve beyond what a project actually implies .

Behind the word «project» there is not only a follow-up to the methodology and having everything beautiful in the program or in MS PROJECT , there are many activities that we are not taught in any project management book, although the subject is touched upon.

From the conceptualization of the project when a need begins, for example the serialization inspection in the medicine boxes ( serialization is giving a code to each box of medicines so that it can be traced throughout the supply chain to the end user and avoid with this piracy).

The design review to meet the specific scope: how many lines the equipment should inspect, what type of font it should inspect, the font size, the type of encoder, the maximum speed of the production line (I usually request my equipment at 50% higher than maximum line speed to absorb intermittent line stops) etc.

The costs, based on the EDT (WBS) defining not only the equipment that will carry out the inspection (based on the example we are giving) but the logistics of each of the pieces that will make up the project, the mechanical facilities , electrical and pneumatic, as well as the cost for the implementation time, remember that the longer the implementation time the costs increase, but also if we shorten the times too much the costs also increase.

The project execution phase, directing the people who will be carrying out the project execution. I have seen many project managers yell, kick and have discussions with direct contractors and even with executing personnel of the facilities, which in my case when something is not going as expected I speak directly with the contractor’s contact and if it is If necessary, I ask that the element that is not executing things according to the project be removed without entering into any type of personal conflict.

The control and monitoring of the project, where progress, costs and the real time in which the project is being executed are reviewed day by day.

As well as the closure of the same project, where many times we give it little importance, I have found myself in some uncomfortable situations where by paying little attention at this point I have not properly closed the projects by signing the delivery letter to the end user and in case of failures Due to human errors, people hide behind the issue that there is no formal delivery letter and the equipment still has faults because it has not been delivered after several months that it is already in operation.

Finally, this space is to be united to a physically dispersed community, but united by a common purpose and concern «to make a temporary effort to create a unique product, service or result».


A project is a temporary endeavor that takes place to create a unique product, service, or result. The temporary nature of projects implies that a project has a definite beginning and end.
The end is reached when the project’s objectives are achieved, when the project is terminated because its objectives will not or cannot be met, or when the need that gave rise to the project no longer exists. Also, a project can be terminated if the client (client, sponsor, or leader) wants to terminate the project. The fact that it is temporary does not necessarily mean that the duration of the project should be short.

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upply chain management is the supervision of the entire life cycle of a product or service: from its infancy as a raw material or idea, to the manufacture of the product, its distribution, the retailer and, ultimately, the consumer . Each of these stages of the product or service is a link in a chain. Each step is linked to the next, interconnecting to facilitate the creation of a product.


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5S is defined as a methodology that results in a clean, orderly, safe, and well-organized workplace to help reduce waste and optimize productivity. It is designed to help build a quality work environment, both physically and mentally.

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